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aRay of Events has the best team of wedding professionals to ensure all our brides are taken care of. 


Shauna Ray Jackson

Event Planner

Hey, I'm Shauna!

Please visit the About page to learn more about me.

Keep reading to learn more about my amazing team! :) 

Marble- Elite Level- Certified Wedding  (9).jpg

Austin Jackson

Event Coordinator

I am Austin. 

I am Shauna's husband. I started working in the wedding industry when I was a teenager. I pretty much taught her everything she knows. (Kidding, she is way better than I ever way.) I am currently a pastor and work full time running aRay of Remodeling. I do enjoy every chance I get working events with my wife and her team. 

Courtney- Black Badge.jpg
Courtney- Black Badge.jpg


Data Analyst/

Wedding Planner

Hi, I'm Courtney!

I started off planning events for family and friends, and became a professional wedding coordinator in September 2020. Planning and organizing is truly my happy place! I have known Shauna for over 20 years, and was so excited to be able to work for her when she started her own business. I got married on Halloween in 2016, have two amazing children and two dogs! Most of my days are filled with family, I have a passion for tacos and love to read! I cant wait to help you with your next event!



Marketing Specialist/ 

Wedding Planner

Hi, I’m Meghan!  

Wifey, Momma of two, and event planning/decorating enthusiast! My love for both started my junior year of high school when I was part of our prom planning committee. Fun Fact: I also attended Shauna's wedding that year! I’m a “planner” by nature and enjoy seeing those plans come together. I’ve always thought of wedding planning as a dream job!  Like other brides, I was planning my wedding even before my husband and I started dating. My heart is to serve others by helping both brides and grooms have their special day turn out better than they could have ever imagined! 




Hey, I'm Carrie!

I am a mom of two boys. My husband and I were married on the beach in May of 2022. Along with aRay of Events, I work as a product analyst. 

I like hanging out with my boys, being outdoors, animals, working out. I enjoy traveling and look forward to working destination weddings.

I met Shauna in 2020. We have been serving others together ever since.  

I love coming along side Shauna and her team to make couples' day special and fun!


Kaitlin Ray

Event Planner

Hello, I’m Kaitlin Ray!

I live in Charleston, MO and am the main Wedding Planner for the SEMO Branch of aRay of Events.

I am a cousin of Shauna Ray Jackson. You could say a passion for event coordinating and planning runs in the family. I am a single dog mom of a sweet mini Australian shepherd, G Ray. Her and I love traveling and being outdoors.



Wedding Coordinator

Hi, I’m Janise!
Along with assisting Shauna on the weekends, I currently work as a school psychological examiner and a mental health counselor.

I met Shauna in 2017 while she worked in her career in special education.
Due to my large family, I have been attending weddings from a young age, and still fall in love with
weddings to this day. I get so excited to be a part of making couples' day stress free on one of the most memorial days of their lives.



Catering Manager/

 Event Coordinator

I am Chris.

I have been assisting Shauna with events since the summer of 2020. I love to serve and help out in anyway. You may see me preparing/serving food, setting up chairs, decorating a table, or holding a bride's tissue. I do whatever needs to be done and love every minute. 

I am also the Director of Operations for aRay of Services. My favorite weddings are when we get to bring both businesses together.



Assistant Coordinator

I'm Dax. 

I like to run, draw, and play video games. I would love to go to school and become an architect. 

This is my first job. I also enjoy learning from Christopher and helping the couples during their wedding day. I don't mind the free food, desserts, and girls either.



Wedding Coordinator

Hi, I am Callie.

I live in Columbia, MO and am the main Coordinator for the COMO Branch of aRay of Events. 


Courtney H.

Assistant Coordinator

Hi, I am Courtney.

I am a military wife and mother of three. I like to read, work out, and hang out with friends. I was previously a cosmetologist and currently work as a dental assistant. I enjoy being an assistant coordinator on the weekends. It allows me to work along side an amazing team who brings brides dreams to life. 



Assistant Coordinator

Hi, I am Stephanie. 

I am a mom of two kids. 

I like photography, running, and nutrition. I currently work as a data broker during the week. I enjoy being an assistant coordinator. It allows me to interact with people in a fast passed environment and solve problems to help as needed. 

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