hey there!

My name is Shauna.  This is my husband, Austin,

we got married in 2013. We are blessed with three kiddos.

One of my favorite childhood times is getting the family together to celebrate all of our milestones. Even at a young age I enjoyed the prepping of getting everything ready. It was never a stressful time, it was enjoyable for me! You can pretty much say I have been planning events since I was in Elementary School! As an young adult, in 2014, I started coordinating and planning weddings as a hobby. I became a mom in 2017 when Austin and I took in three beautiful children from foster care and officially adopted them in 2018. I stepped away from my career in special education in 2019 to run a wedding venue, which gave me the flexibility to go on mission trips and spend more time with my kiddos.

I love coordinating and planning weddings and all sorts of events. I decided to start my own business in 2021 to continue serving my clients and creating stress free memories!


The name aRay of Events comes from my maiden name, Ray.

I specialize in planning a variety of events so it’s the perfect play on words.

The logo contains my initials. S. Y. R. J. Can you find all four?